My functional fitness journey on planet UK: Part 2

kevin_teenager_270As a kid and young man I was engaging in multi-modal fitness pursuits without any strategic intent or knowledge. Cycling, swimming, squash, football, showing off to girls on climbing frames, hedge-hopping (bet I could have done a muscle-up back then), and nocturnal roof climbing/jumping. Where did I lose focus exactly? The blame lies in two areas; sex and alcohol. Let me quickly qualify this point. My newly acquired interest in the opposite sex drove me to the somewhat misguided conclusion that ‘guns’ were a good thing, and so off to Globogym I went with a pectoral/bicep agenda front of mind. At the same time, my chosen leisure pursuits made a sharp left hand turn away from adrenalin sports like hedge-hopping and roof jumping to figuring out how to get served in our local Threshers (off-license/liquor store). These twin threats stayed with me until my late twenties (boys will be boys); at which point injury (subscapularis tweaked overloading an overhead press) stepped in to provide some much needed redirection of effort. Single plain movements with heavy dumbbells finally left the menu and I had stepped out of the woods, back onto the functional fitness path. This didn’t happen quickly, I had to perform the same action repeatedly whilst expecting a different result before I relented and put away the muscle-back vest forever….


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